Topten Procurement Guidelines Pro is a web portal for Latinamerica helping buyers, professionals, public procurers and large buyers to procure the most energy efficient products available in Latinamerica. Simple to follow guidance based on public procurement rules, Topten Procurement Guidelines display criteria that can be inserted directly into tender documents, in order to buy the most energy efficient products on the market.

All the products found on our national Topten sites comply with these criteria. These products are selected and updated continuously, according to their high energy and environmental performances, independently from the manufacturers.

Procurement Guidelines by product type

Household/Máquinas domésticas

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Consumer electronics/Electrónica de consumo

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Building Components/Componentes del edificio/Componentes de construção

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Solar Energy/Energía solar/Energia solar

  • Módulos Fotovoltaicos
  • Calentadores solares/Aquecedores Solares
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  • Depósitos térmicos/Reservatórios Térmicos
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  • Photovoltaic Modules
  • Solar heater
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  • Thermal Reservoir
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Procurement Guidelines by country

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Advice and support

For further assistance in using the information presented here in your own procurement actions or more information on Topten Procurement Guidelines, please contact your national Topten team.

June 2021